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With high-end 3D games extremely popular now, 3D graphics chips are fast- and hot. As in they sizzle up the temperature in your CPU and GPU. One of these simple new chips or graphics process units( GPU ) can eat up around 200 watts of electricity- thrice the quantity of a mid-range Intel dual-core Core 2 chip. This involves unusual cooling methods to avoid overheating both graphics card and the machine around it. Enter the Asus EN8800GTX Aquatank- an extremely powerful and incredibly large GPU water block for cooling the primary components on the card. This coolant system includes an additional fan and -via two tubes- another block containing the liquid reservoir with a pump to take care of the water flow, in addition to yet another heat radiator using its own fan. That's nearly four slots of space taken-instead of the typical two for cooling.

All of this circuitry needs lots of power. For example, not just you have connect the conventional two six-pin power connectors for the card, additionally you need two additional old-style, four-pin connectors for the additional GPU fan and for the water block. But that which you get from each one of these add-ons is extra performance. Set alongside the standard 575 MHz GPU and 900 MHz DDR memory clocks, this Aquatank is placed at higher 630 MHz GPU, and 1030 MHz DDR memory speed. The card in the identical dual-core Intel Core 2 Duo E6700 system running at 3. 333 GHz CPU and FSB1333, with 2GB of corsair Dominator 6400CL3 memory, among the fastest low-latency modules on the market. The target was to compare the 3DMark outcomes of the conventional and over-clocked version on various resolution common in gaming. The Asus card was easily around 10 % faster compared to standard one. For gamers, this means improved frame rates when playing demanding new-generation games. Actually, yet another three or four percent of speed can be done in the event that you push the card to the limit- around 650 MHz GPU and 1050 MHz memory clocks.

Resource: [url=https://www.best-graphics-card.com/articles/coolest-graphics-card-in-town/]Coolest graphics card in town[/url]

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